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The Cornwall Museum and its visitors are grateful for the PPP loan

The Hudson Highlands Nature Museum in Cornwall says it is able to continue its work in the community through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

“When the dominoes started to fall last winter, we stuck it out for a few days and then we, like many other companies and associations, decided to put our program on hold,” said Tom Bregman, executive director of Museum. “Without the income from the program, we would not be able to meet the payroll, which in our case represents 80% of our costs. “

They have managed to secure a total of $ 310,000 from the PPP so far, all of which has been allocated to pay the staff there.

What would you like to know

  • The Hudson Highlands Nature Museum is located in Cornwall, Orange County
  • The museum offers programs for all ages, including a Homeschool Naturalist program, which gives children the opportunity to play, explore and learn in the forest.
  • The museum received $ 310,000 from the Paycheck Protection Program

“Our family has long appreciated and appreciated the Nature Museum for what it has provided, but never as much as last year,” said Sophie Rutimann, a local relative.

She, like many other parents, is grateful for community programs to help keep their children engaged.

“The news that the Hudson Museum would be holding a summer camp, the only one I know of, was by far the best news we’ve had all year,” she said.

Her children, in particular, were delighted to be returning to the museum.

“Not having had a summer camp after the four months of distance school, having (then) access to an organized outdoor space with the kids was like oxygen. It really made our summer fun. “she said.

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney said that while not perfect, the program works for the district.

“Eighty percent of these loans are less than $ 150,000, so they’re actually for small family businesses or small businesses and nonprofits like this one,” he said. .

The museum requested a loan remission for its first loan in October and they were successful. Their loan was canceled less than a month later.

Maloney encourages members in his district to call his office at (845) 561-1259 for assistance filling out applications. The deadline for the second draw is March 31.